About Us

“Funding is the life blood of any business and we at Borrow2grow (B2G) discover the right funding product with right institution, this is why we say we are your funding machine

Team Borrow2grow is poised with right knowledge of assessing the right bank funding mechanism for project funding, regular working capital, new business funding, builder funding or home loans (your home purchase requirement) along with arranging funding by way of equity ( in terms of Start up funding, seed funding, venture capital and private equity ).

Money makes money: Businesses needs funds to grow and the traditional method of funding is Bank loan, Bank funding is the cheapest source as per Abhishek Dugar. The B2G team has splendid knowledge and provides complete advisory from documentation to sanction and there after disbursement of bank loans funds.

Time is money : Providing the disbursement (more than Rs. 2400 crore so far) of bank loan on time is our forte, we know the complete extensive process of disbursement of different banks, we keep guiding for completing the process on time and help by going out of way in mortgage process to providing all compliances on regular intervals. As per one of the banker “your team even replies the queries at even 1 am”.

Connecting with minds ( Right Assessment) : Assessing the proposal on credibility ground is the key, Banks looks for credibility of business persons and viability of business, we perform inhouse checks and our expert team assess the viability of the proposal for presenting to bank.

Personalised attention: Even for a small home loan we provide the personalised attention, all processes of loan sanction to disbursement, best interest rates and even advisory on other Govt. linked benefits are given. As per one of the home loan buyer : “I could buy this house with your support only”.

Knowledge is the key to success : Our 10 years experienced team has copious knowledge and we believe in sharing knowledge. We discuss the matters with bankers assuring right advisory is given to client as per their policy parameters.

Technology is the next big step : We are trying to evolve as Pan India player using complete technology for getting loans processed for any location, the assessment are also done online with slight manual intervention, like bank statement analysis and analysis of eligibility of loans, preparation of project report, CMA analysis, information memorandum as required by banks / NBFC’s / fund houses.

With the market : The new trend is start up and private equity, we have been arranging and providing advisory for equity funding as well.

All in all we provide complete bank loan funding support along with providing exclusive new product line : “CreDCHeK” for any of your private lending, assessing the credibility of business entities, viability of project in association Industry experts and our professional team.  

We help the organisation from submitting complete documents and information in one go for assessing the loan requirement as per different banking norms and to facilitate smoothly and timely receipt of funds from banks/ NBFC’s,